Custom Made

SKB Cases UK can offer tailor made solutions. Both interior-wise as well as dimensions-wise

Custom made interior

All Defender and SKB products can be delivered with a custom made interior. Using foam or other materials. The shape of the products you wish to transport will be cut precisely in the foam. So that the Defender and SKB products not only offer excellent protection on the outside, but on the inside as well.

Non-standard exterior dimensions

SKB Cases and Defender Aluminium containers are available in a wide variety of standard sizes.

When a standard size does not fit your needs SKB Cases is proud to offer the highest quality and widest selection of custom case options on the market. For all SKB custom cases we require a minimum of 250 pieces to manufacture.
Our Light Duty Series is an affordable approach to your custom case needs. Please contact SKB Cases UK and we will make sure we meet your requirements for both dimensions and accessories to be used.

Also regarding Defender Aluminium containers a custom size can be supplied. No minimum volume required.


A wide range of accessories (wheels, locks, handles, etc.) that can be applied to your case is available. Please contact SKB Cases UK so we can inform you about the available options.