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Single Lid Cases

iSeries Cases

3I Series »

Injection moulded Mil-Std. waterproof and airtight cases.

3R Series Cases

3R Series »

Roto moulded Mil-Std. waterproof and airtight cargo / shipping cases.

2R Series Cases

2R Series »

Roto moulded Mil-Std. waterproof and airtight cargo / shipping cases.

RX Series Cases

Roto-X Cases »

Rotationally moulded, stackable shipping containers and tool cases.

Pull-Handle Cases

Pull-Handle Cases »

Rugged vacuum formed cases with telescoping, retractable pull-handles.

Luggage Style Cases

Luggage Style Cases »

Heavy-duty luggage-style vacuum formed cases.

Golf Cases

Golf Cases »

Keep your golf clubs safe with our range of golf travel cases.

Rack Products

Standard Racks

Standard Racks »

19" deep stackable vacuum formed standard racks made of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene.

Shallow XRack

Shallow XRack »

10.5" depth X-racks accommodate a variety of smaller components without unplugging to close the back panel.

US Series

US Series »

US Series roto moulded racks are 19” deep racks with a moulded-in unbendable valance, steel threaded rails, self tapping screws.

Roll-X Racks

Roll-X »

Roll-X cases have a depth of 17.75" and accommodate 19" rack mountable equipment.

Roto Rolling Racks

Roto Rolling »

Roto Rolling Rack models offer secure protection with the convenience of sturdy built-in wheels and a handle.

20 Inch Shock Racks

20" Shock Racks »

An internal frame mounted on adjustable elastomer shock absorbers on all eight corners. These revolutionary shocks are designed to control the effects of shock and vibration on three axes.

24 Inch Shock Racks

24" Shock Racks »

Compound hinge system and field replaceable latches that allows the lid to swing out and completely around to lie flat against the main body of the case.

28 Inch Shock Racks

28" Shock Racks »

28 inch Heavy Duty Shockrack systems include a revolutionary new patent pending Adjustable Rail Conversion System.

30 Inch Shock Racks

30" Shock Racks »

Deep rotomoulded shock rack which should be an instant success with all companies utilizing the deeper servers such as the new Dell and Compaq.